Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Conservatories are an ideal addition to any property, they can add an extra living space, flood the house with natural light and offer panoramic views of the garden. While they are often considered a relatively cheap home improvement, they can also be an expensive one, so it is important to choose a high-quality, well-built option.

Tiled conservatory roofs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a range of benefits over traditional glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatories, including improved energy efficiency and durability, as well as sound insulation and enhanced aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing, multi-functional space or simply want to increase the value of your home, a tiled conservatory roof is an excellent choice.

Improved thermal efficiency: With a tiled conservatory roof, you can enjoy your new extension all year round, with the added benefit of reduced heating bills. This is due to the multiple layers of insulation that are built into the structure, reducing the amount of cold air that can enter the conservatory.

Reduced noise: Another benefit of a tiled conservatory roof is that it offers better sound insulation than glass or polycarbonate roofs, making it an ideal option for families with children. It can reduce noise by up to 30 decibels, making it a more comfortable and relaxing living space for you and your family to enjoy.

Aesthetics: A tiled conservatory can be fitted with a variety of colours and designs to enhance the aesthetics of your property. This means that you can match the style of your conservatory to the rest of your home, creating a seamless transition between your conservatory and your existing house.

The roof of a tiled conservatory can be fitted with skylights, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters the room. This is particularly useful if you plan on using the space as a workspace, as it can help to regulate the level of lighting.

Security: As a result of the added thickness of a tiled conservatory roof, it is much harder for thieves to break into your property. This makes it a good choice for families with young children, as it provides a safe and secure area for them to play.

Cost: With the additional insulation and robust nature of a tiled conservatory, it can be cheaper than other options. Depending on your budget and the size of your conservatory, it can be as little as PS35k, compared to the cost of an equivalent single-storey extension, which would start at around PS15,000.

Insulated all year round: Many people are now choosing to replace their polycarbonate or glass roofed conservatories with a tiled roof. This is due to the incredibly efficient insulation that is built into a tiled conservatory roof, allowing you to use your room 365 days a year.

Unlike a standard conservatory, a tiled conservatory roof can be fitted with a number of different features, including skylights and windows. These can allow you to regulate the level of light that enters your conservatory, enabling you to create a versatile and practical space that you can enjoy for years to come.

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