How to Spot Authentic Michael Kors Handbags

Whether you’re jetting off for the weekend or heading to the gym after work, every girl needs a chic bag. From the Bedford Extra Large Logo Stripe Weekender Bag to the Westley Large Chain Leather Tote, you’ll find a Michael Kors bag that perfectly reflects your unique style. Just make sure to take a close look at the hardware and fabric to ensure you’re getting a genuine bag!

When examining the logo emblem and other metal hardware on the bag, it should feel substantial and heavy. Also, check for the logo to be centered and evenly spaced – counterfeits will often feature an uneven or off-centered MK symbol. The typeface should be the same size and color, too. Lastly, any feet on the bottom of the bag should have MK engraved in them – counterfeit bags may use metal feet that are designed to look like gold but actually have a brassy tone to them.

As for the lining, a real MK purse will always have double stitching and a signature triangle closure. Also, the pocket fabric should match the color of the lining. If the pockets are a different color, it’s probably a fake. Inside most MK bags, you’ll find a pair of tags – the top tag is white and features the model number. Fake MK bags usually have a black tag instead of a white one. Also, beware of a tag that says Made in China – this is another sign of a fake. mk handbags

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