LED Cylinder Light Fixture

An integrated LED cylinder light fixture adds the perfect finishing touch to a room with a design that is both functional and attractive. It’s also an eco-friendly lighting option that saves money and energy while helping to keep hazardous light bulb materials out of landfills.

Cylinder light fixtures come in a range of sizes and styles to complement any type of décor. Choose from wall sconces that can be used to accent an entryway or picture lights that highlight a favorite work of art in a living space. There are even multi-light pendants that can be hung at varying heights to create a flowing, artistic effect.

Many of these options feature a beautiful, bronze finish that coordinates well with most any interior color scheme. They also offer a sleek, minimal appearance that blends well with contemporary architecture. They’re ideal for commercial or residential buildings, including hotels and other public spaces.

Integrated LED cylinder lights are also a great choice for areas where you want to highlight a specific feature or surface. A recessed downlight cylinder can be installed in a ceiling to illuminate a focal point such as an art piece or kitchen countertop. Surface mount cylinders can be mounted directly to the ceiling or wall for a more dramatic effect.

In corridors and lobbies, LED cylinder lighting is popular as a way to create downlighting or uplighting that projects a more sophisticated aura. They’re also a good choice for entryways because they can be installed on both the ceiling and walls.

Some models are designed to look like traditional flush mount fixtures while others feature a unique, cylindrical silhouette that looks more like a pendant. A monopoint integrated cylinder downlight is a great alternative to recessed options because it offers the same beam spread in a more compact profile.

There are a variety of control options available for these types of fixtures, including Position, Rotation and Radiance. Position and rotation controls allow you to numerically set the location of the light item in XYZ space while Radiance lets you adjust its intensity. You can also use the Item Transform tool to change these properties directly in the 3D viewport.

You’ll find a number of different wattages available for cylinder lights, so you can select the one that best matches your building’s electrical system. Low wattage options are perfect for areas that only need uplighting while higher wattage versions can be used to replace up to 150 watts of incandescent bulbs.

You’ll also find that most of these lights are rated for wet locations, which means they can be used in outdoor areas as well as indoor. This makes them ideal for porches, walkways and side entrances, as well as outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios and verandas. The UL-Listed wet rating ensures that the fixture is protected against water damage and other environmental hazards.

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