Montreal Home Support Service

A Montreal-based home support service that specializes in holistic geriatric and palliative care for clients and their family members. It offers assistance with daily activities, such as bathing and grooming, meal preparation and grocery shopping, and errands and light housekeeping. It also provides emotional and spiritual care. It can help caregivers overcome the challenges of providing home care due to distance, work commitments and aging or illness. It also helps clients access social services, such as home health care and physiotherapy. Its Caregivers are trained professionals and have extensive experience in geriatric care.

A large number of Quebec’s aging population is in need of help at home. Some are living alone, while others are struggling with disabilities, such as strokes, Parkinson’s disease or dementia. Many of them prefer to stay at home and enjoy their independence and dignity as long as possible.

The government has invested more than $1 billion a year in home care since 2014. But some say the system isn’t improving enough, and that it’s focusing too much on saving money by outsourcing duties to private contractors.

Rosalyn Williams-Ness, who has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair to get around, says her quality of life would be greatly reduced without the home care she receives from the CLSC. But she believes the government should invest more before relying on private companies to provide the service. She is worried that the change could result in a loss of continuity, as well as a more centralized decision-making process that makes it difficult to adapt to individual needs. montreal home care service

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