Some of the key features of Doctor Appointment booking platform in this automation world

Medix Application or Doctor Appointment booking application is an integrated platform that connects patients with doctors under one platform.  for all types of healthcare and wellness needs, it is a one-stop destination.  Time is saved with the help of the Doctor appointment booking application. With its help, you can easily get a doctor’s appointment so you don’t have to wait in long queues. 

It often happens that one of our loved ones is not in good health and at the same time it becomes difficult to make a doctor’s appointment. Nowadays we have to take time out from our work, wait for an appointment at a doctor, hospital, or clinic, and sit in a queue. it’s quite hard for a working person. In this digital age, the Medix application is the best solution to get rid of all these problems.

Users can book an appointment for an online video consultation with a doctor from all over the city or state with the help of a Doctor Appointment booking application. Users can also filter their search results according to their needs. To better take care of the health of the users using this platform, one can also find information on the treatment procedure described by different types of doctors. 

With the help of the Doctor Appointment booking application, users can find specialists, general practitioners, surgeons, and many more. Users can also search for feedback on particulars before booking an appointment with them. Doctors can schedule single and multiple time slots for patient appointments and online consultations. 

There are two roles in the application of one Doctor’s side and another is the Patient side. Let’s Discuss some feature of the Doctor Appointment booking application:

Doctor Role Features 

Authentication and profile creation

Authentication is a major and important feature for security.  To use the Doctor Appointment booking application, a doctor must need to register themselves by providing some minimal information about his/her. After that, they can log in to the application and create his/her profile. The provided information can be edited or updated from the profile. Also, they can change their password periodically for security purposes. if doctors forget their password then they can easily recover it by providing their registered email id.

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