Used Salon Equipment – Equipping Your Salon Business Without Breaking the Bank

Starting up a salon business specializing in beauty care, hair care, pedicure, and other nail care services need proper chairs, tables, and other special equipment for each service. This equipment costs a lot especially when you purchase brand new from well-known brands such as Belverde, M D Formulations, Kaemark, Pibbbs, Collins, and Crystal Clear. These are the manufacturers of high-end salon equipments for your entire salon needs. If you are starting up a small salon on a tight budget, you will surely not consider these brands if purchasing them brand new. Be patient in your search because you can also buy some equipments from these manufacturers in the market that are available at lower prices. These are the pieces of used salon equipment that are still in good working condition and sold at half or less than half of their original price.

If you are lucky enough to find a set of this second hand equipment then you can start your salon business quickly with a complete line of furniture. You can find a complete set if you know some closing salons that are selling all of their equipment. Some second hand branded salon equipment is available in the market from furniture dealers. The Belvedere styling cabinets for example are available for up to 50% less compared to the price of the same brand new product. The slightly used three-piece Belverdere reception desk is also available at around $1900 having a spacious desk and several drawers for the salon equipment and a secured cash drawer.

The second hand salon equipment, especially the branded varieties are often sold in a working condition that is as good as new. They can effectively serve the same purpose that they are serving while in their newer estates. Both the new and the used salon equipment are useful in doing the hairstyling, pedicure and other special services offered in a salon. Investing in used salon equipment and furnishings in your new salon can cut your expenses down to almost half the required capital in setting up the salon alone. Most of the second hand equipment is still operational and some just need a little retouching to look as good as new. The price of single brand new item can give you two pieces of equipment or even more bought as second hand or slightly used from a well-known manufacturer. Chaises coiffure

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