What Is an Electrical Contractor?

What is an Electrical Contractor?
An electrical contractor designs, builds and repairs wiring systems and electric devices. This can include low-voltage systems like those found in residential spaces and businesses, or high-voltage lines, such as those used for power plants and large industrial facilities. Electrical contractors also install backup systems and perform other important tasks related to power delivery.

Electrical contractors use critical thinking to assess challenges and develop safe ways to intervene. They often work with dangerous equipment, such as power tools, and must apply safety precautions to avoid injury. They also use their problem-solving skills to create plans for wiring new buildings or identify the source of power problems and find solutions.

Preparing to Pass the NECA Exam
Getting licensed as an electrical contractor requires a mix of technical and business-related knowledge. Many states have specific licensing requirements, including verifiable work experience as an electrician and classroom training. However, most follow a similar process for granting licenses to electrical contractors. Obtaining this license can help an electrical contractor grow his or her business by bidding on construction projects and building a team of electricians. Accounting software like QuickBooks can also make running a successful electrical contracting business easier by tracking inventory, invoicing clients, and monitoring job costs. This allows electrical contractors to keep their business on track and stay competitive with competitors.Electrical Panel Upgrade

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