Are You Looking for Custom Made Socks?

Gone are the days when socks used to be just plain white covers for your feet. Today these units vary in all aspects and you can categorize them by appearance, function, construction and materials. The wide range of this footwear includes house socks which are designed to use around the home and to keep the toes warm. Other popular choices are formal and office wear which are lightweight dress versions. Even with all the available options, some people have special needs or wants to flaunt a unique style. They can opt for custom made socks. These units are made in accordance with an individual’s measurement and preference of design, colors, patterns, etc. They are popularly used for parties, sports and events. Many corporations also use these socks to advertise their brand name or logo.

Places to look for custom made socks:

Ties n cuffs:

It was formed in 2005 and provides a helpful, safe and hassle free online shopping experience. It is an Australian owned and run business. They not only provide quality products but also guide customers in using them rightly to enhance their looks. They make customized socks from high quality materials like cotton, wool or cotton blend. They use a 3 step process which starts with an idea like a copy of your company’s logo or colors. The design consultant then will understand all your requirements and work with you to design the product. You are given 2 different designs to choose from. Once you select a design the company commences production. The final delivery takes about 2-3 weeks.

Custom socks:

This company is based in Southern California and is a premier destination for all your customized socks needs. They have the experience of working with customers worldwide. They believe in offering the best quality by making socks that are durable, resistant and comfortable which help to prevent blisters. This company is very popular for making socks for sports, events and parties. They are forerunners in providing custom socks and are different from their competitors. There are no pre-made socks and these units are made specifically for you, according to your requirements. They do not get your logo patched or embroidered on the outside of the sock but it is knitted within the sock. All the socks they make are stretched to fit but they can also create any size you want. Their socks are made of 85% Ultra Wicking Acrylic, 10% Spandex and 5% Nylon. socks factory

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