Australia’s Best Hotels

When you are in Australia, you just do not any type of accommodation. You would certainly hope for the best one in town. Fortunately you will never be disappointed. There are so many award-winning accommodation options. Some of them are featured here:

White Cliffs Underground Motel

Tired of the usual glamorous and towering hotels and apartment complexes in Sydney? If you’re interested to try out something new, stay at this underground motel. Yes, the name stays true to its location. It is found in one of the underground opal mines in Sydney. This is the best place to be when you also want to get away from the intense heat of the weather. It’s also called White Cliffs since the most of the walls are painted white.

However, before you think you’re treated to uncivilized services and amenities, know that the motel is equipped with its own swimming pool and bar. It also has well-appointed rooms.

Lilianfels Blue Mountains

The Lilianfels Blue Mountains is heaven. Just imagine waking up to the sight of the gorgeous forest-filled mountains or to the chilly breeze of the wind. The vineyards and cellars are your distant neighbors. Dishes made from fresh produce are served by gourmet restaurants.

This five-star resort in the mountains offers nothing but the best, from the finest comforter to the best Australian steak and wine you’ll ever taste. The interior decorations as all Victorian inspired. A lot of the furniture, fixtures, and supplies in Lilianfels come all the way from Europe.

Shangri-la Hotel

Among the five-star hotels, the Shangri-la in Sydney is voted to be one of the best. After all, it has maintained the luxury and comfort Shangri-la is well-known for. Nevertheless, the facilities and rooms only come second to the great views you can see. These include Grand Harbour, Sydney Opera House, and Circular Quay. You can go up the Horizon Club where you can have a 270-degree view of the entire city. Dine in the Club, where you can obtain complimentary drinks.

The Manor

The Manor is perhaps one of the most beautiful accommodation options you will ever find in the heart of Brisbane. While most of the hotels are contemporary, the Manor is housed by a heritage-listed building. A lot of the interiors of the days gone by have been well preserved. Guests, furthermore, are treated to complimentary breakfast and newspaper all throughout their stay. You are also few minutes away from the treasures of the metropolis, like the botanical gardens, Queen Street Mall, and Treasury Casino.

Quest Bridgewater Apartments

You don’t have to go too far when seeking enjoyment. Everything you can possibly hope for is found in this towering apartment complex. Found in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, it features free parking areas for guests, lagoon-style swimming pool, and panoramic views of the city as well as the nearby beaches. Guests can also make use of the fitness area. You are just few walks away from the famous Story Bridge and 10 minutes from the busy CBD. CBD Oils UK

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