Best Grip Socks For Soccer

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Soccer players are willing to try anything to improve their game and avoid injuries. They cut holes in their socks, wear bras while playing, tape their ankles – and even use grip socks. While some of these practices might seem ridiculous to non-soccer players, most professional players do it for specific reasons – such as stability, reduced internal slippage and blister prevention.

The best grip socks for soccer are designed with rubber or similar material grips on the bottom. These grips prevent players from slipping on the field, which is a major cause of injuries and loss of game time. Using grip socks also helps reduce the amount of friction between feet, socks and cleats, which can result in painful blisters.

Grip socks are also often breathable and quick-drying, making them ideal for warm weather games. They are also typically thicker than regular soccer socks, which can make them more comfortable by providing extra cushioning and absorbing impact.

Many professional players swear by their grip socks, which are available in a variety of colors to match any team’s uniform requirements. Some brands include Trusox, Pure Grip and Falke. Suarez, Lamela and Bale all wore Trusox socks during the 2018 World Cup. Sterling, Alli and Dier played in Tapedesign socks, while Rakitic and Banega wore the Gravity Grip brand. best grip socks for soccer

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