Biotin’s face-lift effect

Within the safe dose, it has no side-effects. In Europe and the United States, it has been the conventional treatment for masseteric hypertrophy. The application is very common in Japan, so that 80% of users with masseter muscle hypertrophy receive significantly results.

BOTOX-A biotin injection is by blocking the nerves and muscles, loss of neurotrophic effect of nerve impulses, excessive contraction of the muscle relaxant, overdeveloped muscle paralysis, and masseter muscle atrophy, and smaller, more thorough face-lift treatment. Biotin injection and mandibular angle surgery two methods combined with the treatment of fat face will also be eligible for a 1 +1 > 2 good result. Combined with facial liposuction, cheekbone reduction and reduced width, and other methods can make significant improvement in fat face.

Biotin injection is a simple and safe step: general on each side of a two injection at the injection point. The injection should be as slow as possible about 10 minutes. After injection, there is no need for local massage and special treatment, normal chewing movement can make the liquid gradually spread in the muscle tissues. The most important thing is, the first must be approved by professional physician’s accurate diagnosis to determine the applicability; and determine the site of injection and the required doses.

Biotin injection has simple operation. It can be carried out in outpatient and does not require hospitalization or anesthesia. And the operators are the doctors with extensive experience. Fine needle, the injection amount is small, so the injections feel similar to insect bites, to continue normal activities immediately after treatment can drive themselves home or at work. Biotin injected into the masseter 2 weeks later, the patient feeling chew decline in the munch, the masseter is no obvious bulge phenomenon, local touch masseter also no obvious contraction. Usually injected 3-4 weeks can be observed in the masseter muscle atrophy and facial changes.

Show the best results in one month – 3 months after injection, the effect lasts about 8 months. According to patient needs, you can choose again injections. Biotin injection to avoid frequent chewing movements (such as biting chewing gum, melon seeds, etc.), the masseter muscle hypertrophy can be cured. Because it makes the muscle relaxants paralysis, so as to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, wrinkles, but with the weakening of the role of the re-emergence. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, depending on the circumstances, the need to re-injection.

Within one month after injection of biotin, the cosmetic raw material suppliers remind people not to do facial massage, heat or rubbing. After the injection, the patients should avoid eating hard shell foods. In the first week, the spicy food, seafood and alcohol should not be taken. Patients need referral after two weeks. In the first several days after injection, the inability to chew and the soreness are normal phenomenon. micro injection

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