Blow Dryer Attchments

Using the right tools to blow dry your hair can make or break your style. Whether you want to add volume, create definition or tame frizz, knowing how to properly use the right blow dryer attchments can save you from drying out your hair and achieving less than desired results.

The most common blow dryer attachments are a nozzle, diffuser, pick and brush. All serve different purposes and can be used on a variety of hair types.

Diffusers (along with brushes) are great for wavy or curly hair as they help to increase body, define curls and waves and reduce frizz. They work by reducing the intensity of the blow dryer’s air flow and also have soft plastic “fingers” that help to lift hair for a sculpted, softly volumized look.

Blow dryer comb attachments, often paired with a brush, are great for detangling and stretching out tight or overly curly textures and are ideal for people with shorter lengths as it helps achieve a ‘popped’ style in less time. They work by combing through your strands whilst drying and can be positioned up, down, side to side or under the section.

The concentrator nozzle is another great tool for those with straight hair as it allows you to easily achieve salon style blow outs. Typically with a narrow and elongated shape, it helps to direct heat at specific areas of your head or hair and can be positioned in small or large sections. blow dryer attchments

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