Brief Introduction to Battery Chargers

Battery chargers are a medium to ‘recharge’ electrical equipment. It is like transference of energy through the medium of chargers. A basic example would be mobile chargers used in mobiles. Every mobile phone has their own chargers and they cannot be switched for other chargers.

Charging battery also depends upon the flow of electric current and the suitability with the equipment to be charged. Like, a mobile phone will not need 12 volt battery charger- it is used in cars. Batteries are of different shapes and sizes. You can compare the battery size installed in mobiles with those used in cars or generators. Sustainable charging are those that require long time to charge.

Also, never keep chargers in reach of children. Keep them dry, safely tucked away as they emit harmful gases detrimental to general health. Every battery has the provision to show the amount of voltage input. Depending on equipment, it can vary from 12 volt to 24 volt power. Some machines needs to be charged overnight. Remember to connect charger and battery at opposite ends- the negative (-) side with the positive (+) side, and vice versa.

Always carry wherever possible battery chargers. If you are driving a car, you can store the 24 volt battery charger at the back or if you are using mobiles, carry the charging plug in pocket. With time, batteries lose its capacity. Then, either they have to be replaced or buy a new one.

There are types of chargers- simple (works on DC power), trickle (slow charger), timer based, intelligent (works out battery output and time automatically), fast, pulse (feeding DC pulse), inductive (uses electromagnetic induction), USB based, and solar chargers.

Using heavy chargers like 24 volt battery charger increases the monthly electricity bill too. So, use wisely and buy good charging products seeing not the money but the quality. Service them occasionally to prolong its life. 12 volt 20ah lithium battery

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