Choosing a Portable Fire Fighting Pump

A portable fire fighting pump is used when a fire protection system needs water flow or pressure beyond the hydraulic design requirements of your building’s water supply. These fire pumps pull water from lakes, rivers and ponds or a permanent water source and deliver it to hose lines, foam systems and other firefighting equipment to douse a fire. They can also be equipped with additional firefighting agents to increase their versatility and effectiveness. Choosing the right type of portable fire fighting pump depends on your requirements and installation site. There are a few things to consider including the size of your building and the water pressure you need. Make sure you select a pump with the structural capacity and discharge outlet size to match your requirements. Then choose a pump with the appropriate maximum head and water pressure to ensure you can work up the desired system pressure without damage.

The most common fire pump used for commercial buildings is the horizontal split case pump. These are easy to use and operate and can handle high water flows, making them a top choice for many fire protection technicians. However, they require an external water source which can be a concern for some installations. Another option is the vertical inline fire pump. These take up less space and can be a better fit for some smaller companies and buildings.

GODIVA offers a variety of portable fire fighting pump options that are ideal for many applications. These include vehicle-mounted pumps as well as trailer and skid-mounted pumps. These pumps are available with diesel engines and gas turbines, offering a range of horsepower ratings to meet your needs.

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