Crazy Over Designer Diaper Bags?

Were you just out to find a gift for a friend or for yourself on a very special occasion? Is she a new mommy? Here’s an idea for you! Why not grab a diaper bag for her? Yes, it’s very easy to grab any traditional baby bag at the mall. But this gift must be something really special for a new mother. It would surely bring the biggest smile in her face to see a designer diaper bag on her lap. You read it right, designer baby bag. But surely, those designer diaper bags will get a fortune from your bank account.

Many are going gaga over designer diaper bags. It’s not only because of the design or the style but because of the price. Some would say that designer diaper bags would be a good-buy because of its quality fabric that could last you almost a lifetime. But there has been a new trend in buying designer bags. Instead of buying original designer baby bags, you may now find replicas of designer baby bags.

There are several points of difference between the two. And one would be the price. Replicas of designer bags may cost you way lower than the original designer bags. Some may also differ in how the tags or logos of the bags were made. It would be a bad choice of a replica diaper bag if the logos are misspelled or with a different color shade. Some may have defective zippers and stitches. That is why if you would want to buy a replica baby bag, order from a trusted shop. And there are online shops who are selling good replica baby bags.

If you are asking which would last you longer between the original designer diaper bag and the replica of designer diaper bags, I must say it all depends on how you would care for your diaper bag. It would save you a lot of money if you can care for your designer bags properly, be it original or a replica. Here are the ways on how to care for your designer baby bags.

a. Remove all the things inside the diaper bag every after use. Do not leave things in there for a long time especially food and drinks to avoid acquiring molds or the smell will stick to the fabric.

b. If your bag is made of washable cloth, you may want to have it washed using your washing or better yet to reserve the quality of the cloth just hand wash it.

c. After washing your bag, turn it inside out to let it dry evenly.

d. But if your bag is not washable, you may just wipe it with a cloth damped in soap and water. Some would also opt make use of old toothbrush instead of a cloth. Then dry it with a soft towel. Then Let it stand for a while to make sure it is dry already.

e. You may remove the smell that sticks to the cloth of your bag by making use of baking soda. Place some amount of baking soda in a cloth and tie it to be placed inside your bag.

f. Be careful in using chemicals for your bag. Some chemical may be harmful to the quality of your bag you may end up buying a new one. Also, you are placing your baby’s things inside so be sure that the chemicals or any product you use for your bag is safe for your baby.

Always remember to take care of your baby bags no matter if it is a designer bag or not. It is always practical to preserve the quality of your diaper bags as much as possible so you will not waste money if you keep on buying a new one again and again. So, if you’re still planning to buy an original designer bag or a replica of designer bag go ahead. Either of them will do good for you just make sure to regularly clean it so it will last long enough and you will get your money’s worth. MK bag on sale

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