Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Energy healing has gained in popularity and claims to cure everything from physical pain to mental health issues like depression. But what exactly is it, and does credible research back up these claims?

During an energy healing session, your practitioner will work with your energetic field. This can involve a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication. You may feel sensations such as heat or cold, tingling, pressure, twitching, rushes and more. Some practitioners use physical touch and others do not. In addition, some practitioners combine their energy healing training with other popular practices such as massage therapy or acupuncture.

Many people experience a sense of relief and calm during energy healing sessions. In addition, some people report that they have an increased ability to cope with the ups and downs of life. It is also common for people to develop a clearer perspective on their life’s path and purpose.

Some people claim to have experienced a reduction in negative emotions like anger, fear or sadness as well as the symptoms of illness such as chronic pain, aches, headaches, nausea and more. In fact, there have been documented cases of healing from diseases such as cancers, AIDS and even hernias and scoliosis that are considered “incurable” by conventional medicine.

If you are considering trying energy healing, it is recommended that you do your homework first. Look for practitioners with credentials that you trust. Lily Allen-Duenas, reiki master healer and crystal healer in Des Moines, IA, suggests looking for a practitioner with credibility in their field as well as a personality that you will connect to. You should also make sure your practitioner maintains a high ethical standard and will refer clients to other practitioners for more comprehensive care if necessary.

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