Everything You Need to Know About Xbox Thermal Paste

About Xbox Thermal Paste
In the world of PC hardware, thermal paste is one of the least exciting but most important parts to install when you build a new desktop computer. The silvery-gray goop allows for optimal transfer of heat from the processor’s IHS to the metal base plate or water block of the CPU cooler that’s designed to dissipate it. The surfaces of these two components may look smooth to the naked eye, but they have microscopic grooves and gaps that can prevent the hardware from effectively communicating with each other, resulting in high CPU temperatures that lead to stuttering, throttling, and random shutdowns.

The best thermal paste will not only help your CPU operate more efficiently, but it’ll also be less likely to cause the aforementioned problems if its performance dips over time. However, the process of selecting and applying a good quality thermal compound can be confusing to even the most experienced DIYer. To make things worse, there’s a dizzying array of theorems, strategies, and passed-down advice on the best way to apply thermal paste.

Many users prefer liquid metal as it provides superior conductivity and is a faster option than conventional thermal paste, but it’s important to remember that it can harbor dangers if applied incorrectly, such as through spillage or accidental contact with electrical current. In addition, the liquid itself may be corrosive if not properly sealed.Xbox Thermal Paste

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