Explore the Sea of Cortez onboard the 32′ La Mobula

The 32′ La Mobula is an ocean-loving liveaboard that offers divers the opportunity to explore the Sea of Cortez in style. cabo boat party From private sunset cruises to snorkeling adventures, you can explore Los Cabos with a unique perspective and experience all that the area has to offer.

Get ready to snorkel and freedive with the world’s friendliest manta rays, 7-species of sharks, friendly bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, baitballs, tons of dolphins and much more! Discover the best of Los Cabos and explore the Sea of Cortez in style aboard this custom-built 40-foot catamaran with stylish lounge furniture and a full kitchen.

Learn to snorkel and scuba dive with the world’s friendliest manta-rays, 7-species of sharks, schooling hammerheads, and more! Snorkel the untouched walls in the Socorro Islands or the Sea of Cortez with these stunning creatures. Then head to the Southern Safari where you can snorkel with whale sharks, or experience the incredible underwater habitats of the Sea of Cortez and its wrecks.

Experience acrobatic jumping manta rays while snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez!

The Mobula munkiana is an Eastern Pacific endemic species, found in coastal and neritic habitats from the Gulf of California to Peru29. It feeds primarily on Mysidacea spp. with the euphausiid, Nyctiphanes simplex, as a second prey item18,30.

We evaluated a pygmy devil ray population in Ensenada Grande, Baja California Sur, Mexico from August 2017 to June 2018. A total of 95 devil rays were captured using encircling surface cotton twine nets 150 m long, 15 m deep with 25 cm mesh during five capture periods (Fig.2).

During capture, individuals were held in the water to reduce stress levels and then transferred to a holding tank onboard the boat. They were sexed, measured (total length and disc width), and evaluated for mating scars on pectoral fins, cloacal state (females) and development of claspers (males).

Females were found in the same location and time period as males, during courtship, which was observed in July 2018. A single female was captured during the early stages of pregnancy showing distended abdominal region on both dorsal and ventral surfaces. She had developed a well-developed term-embryo and her pregnancy lasted up to 13 months before parturition in September.

Our findings provide strong evidence that the pygmy devil ray, Munk’s devil ray, has a synchronous mating and pregnancy cycle in La Paz Bay, which suggests it is the only juvenile habitat for this species in the Gulf of California. The timing of courtship and pregnancy also coincides with the onset of the euphausiid feeding season around June in this region, suggesting that Munk’s pygmy devil rays rely on a limited food source during their nursery phase.

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