Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX

About Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX
A variety of processes can produce potentially explosive atmospheres in industrial plants. These atmospheres are caused by the mixture of gases, vapors and dust which can be ignited if exposed to ignition sources such as sparks or hot surfaces.

To protect people and equipment from such hazards, the European Union created a standard called ATEX that regulates the use of devices in hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. The standards ensure the devices do not create an ignition source and are equipped with constructive measures to prevent explosions. The ATEX regulation also requires that the device be tested and certified by a recognized testing laboratory.

Valworx 5818 series electric actuators are designed for use in environments where flammable gas may be present and are fully certified to ATEX regulations and the European CE mark. They are used to automate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers. They feature power-to-open and power-to-close functionality as well as a manual override. They also feature visual and electrical valve position indication, rugged all metal gear drives and a weatherproof aluminum housing.

The ATEX certification is shown as an alphanumeric string that begins with Ex to indicate Explosion Protection followed by 5 sections that define the Environment and Conditions that the product is suitable for. Typically there will be two suffixes that identify whether the device is for Gas or Dust applications. The suffixes will usually start with G for gases / vapors or with D for combustible dusts. Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX

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