Getting the Best Moving Quotes

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to move forward after a heartbreak or other major life event, it can be helpful to turn to those who have gone through the same kind of pain. These moving on quotes from real people are guaranteed to inspire you to keep pushing through life’s challenges.

Getting the best moving quotes starts with researching your options and finding a company that is reputable and offers fair pricing. Most companies will allow you to get a ballpark estimate over the phone or through an online form. But you will likely receive more accurate quotes from companies that visit your home in person to inspect your items and give a final price.

The type of household goods you have, how much furniture is being moved, how many boxes are being packed, whether there are stairs, whether the move is local or long-distance and what additional services you might require will all affect your quote. If your move is local, you’ll typically be provided with a price based on the estimated weight of your items, though some movers also charge by the hour for local moves. If your relocation is long-distance, you’ll be given either a binding or non-binding quote.

With the growing popularity of online estimating tools, some consumers are choosing to avoid in-home visits altogether and simply complete the process online. But you’ll want to be sure to take a close look at the moving company’s website and reviews before making your decision. A reliable and reputable company will have transparent policies, a customer service team to help guide you through the process, and a track record of reliability.

You can also check whether the company is licensed and insured by visiting your state’s consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau website to see what other customers have had to say about them. In addition, you can find out whether the movers you’re considering offer a free, no-obligation moving quote or a standard quote for local and long-distance moves.

Allied, which was founded in 1913, provides national and international relocation services. Its sample moving quotes are competitive with its competitors and it offers a wide variety of additional services, such as junk removal, appliance installation, storage, and fine-art packing. The company also offers moving guides, tips and reminders to make the process of moving easier for customers. Its service areas cover the entire United States and it’s well-versed in facilitating international relocations. The company offers both binding and non-binding estimates and a shipment tracking feature. Its prepaid package option helps customers cut costs even further. best moving quotes

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