How to Find a Pt Online

Online Personal Training has taken off in recent years with many personal trainers opting to take their business online rather than rely on gym clients. The services vary but most offer a combination of online programmes and/or weekly check-in calls & updates. Some also focus on a specific niche, for example training clients with certain conditions like fibromyalgia (who can’t be observed working out in person).

Most of the time trainers will ask new clients to complete a PAR-Q questionnaire or onboarding consultation to ensure they’re creating a safe and realistic programme that is achievable given their individual physical abilities. Some PTs will then go further and request clients to film their workouts and give them detailed feedback or schedule regular video sessions with them to reassess their progress. This is an important way to hold their clients accountable as PTs without face-to-face contact will need to find other ways of motivating and keeping their clients on track.

Many online PTs will also include nutritional guidance with their services. They may also suggest some lifestyle tweaks that can turbocharge their client’s results, such as tracking calories or changing sleep patterns. Typically a good online PT will have either a Level 3 or higher Personal Training qualification in the UK, as well as a nutrition qualification to boost their knowledge of how to improve performance alongside exercise and diet. This gives them the confidence to provide a bespoke service to their clients. Pt Online

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