How to Get YouTube Live Stream Views

The number of views a video on YouTube has is an important indicator of its popularity. This is especially true for live videos, which are rewarded with higher search rankings than other content on the platform. Getting more live stream views is therefore an essential goal for any channel that hopes to grow its audience. There are several ways to boost the views of your YouTube live video, including promoting it through other channels and using teasers to increase viewer interest before your session starts. You can also encourage your viewers to share your live video or subscribe to your channel to get notifications when you go live.

During the live streaming process, you’ll need to set up your equipment. You can use the camera and microphone built into your mobile device, or a separate device that’s capable of streaming and recording video. You’ll also need a compatible encoder to send the footage to your YouTube account. Once you’re ready to start streaming, open the YouTube app and tap the video camera icon. Then, tap “Go Live.” You’ll be able to select your thumbnail, enable or disable live chat, and set other advanced settings like monetization and promotions.

While you’re live, make sure your voice is loud enough and clear so that all of your viewers can hear you. Try to keep the conversation focused and interesting so that your viewers won’t lose attention. You should also try to answer all of the questions you receive during the live stream. This will engage your audience and help you build trust with your followers. You can even offer rewards to your viewers during the live session, such as free merch or content. This will increase engagement and make your live stream more popular.

After your live stream ends, it’s important to follow up with a post-roll card that tells your viewers what to do next. A significant portion of live stream viewership comes from people who watch the video after it’s finished, so you should make it clear what you want them to do. You can ask them to share your video, subscribe to your channel, or sign up for your newsletter.

Creating great video content for your channel takes time and effort. But if you know what to do, you can get more live stream views on YouTube quickly and easily. Start by analyzing your top-performing YouTube videos to see what worked and how you can apply the same techniques to your live streams. With a tool like Sprout, you can easily compare data points from your live videos and on-demand videos to determine what’s driving the most viewers. You can then focus your efforts on creating the right kind of content for your target audience. This will drive more views and ultimately grow your YouTube video view count. get youtube live stream views

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