Industrial Air Cleaner

Industrial Air Cleaner helps to reduce hazardous airborne contaminants like dust, smoke and fumes. These harmful particles can impact the health and safety of employees, longevity of machinery and the quality of finished products. Industrial air filtration can be used in applications including machining, welding, cleaning, construction and manufacturing.

The type of environment and contaminant will determine what kind of system is required. For example, a machining operation can generate hazardous airborne mist and metal particles that require an oil mist collector. A welding or cutting operation could produce harmful fumes that need a weld smoke exhaust system. The best option is to install an industrial air cleaner system that is tailored to the specific work application.

Depending on the application, there are options that allow for source collection or centralized filtration. These systems negate the need to exhaust expensive heated or cooled air outside and instead re-circulate fresh, clean air back into the room. Some of these units are designed to use electrostatic filtration (MistBuster source collection), media filtration (MX-Series centralized filtration) or both (MistBuster source collection and MX-Series centralized filtration).

Other options for an industrial air cleaner include combustible dust control systems, environmental control booths, pharmaceutical containment for potent compounds and baghouse dust collectors. These systems can be installed as stand-alone systems to create planned air circulation patterns or in conjunction with portable or industrial HEPA filter units that are targeted at removing pollutants from the immediate work area.

A new kind of air filtration system eliminates the need for regular filter maintenance by using self-cleaning technology. These systems use an advanced combination of HEPA grade filtration with catalysis to eliminate the build-up of particulate that would otherwise clog a traditional filter. They also utilize a smaller footprint that reduces costs.

The main benefits of an industrial air cleaner include the protection of workers from harmful airborne particles, maintaining a safe working environment and the extension of equipment life. In addition, it can improve indoor working conditions and increase productivity and efficiency.

Industrial air filtration can be used in various industries. It can be employed in metal machining applications to reduce the exposure of airborne mist, fumes and smoke while maintaining production speeds and improving the overall quality of work. It can also be utilized in the manufacture of food and beverage products to ensure the quality of the final product.

Choosing the right industrial air cleaner will depend on the size of the space and air exchange rate of the work environment. For a larger space, several units can be used together to achieve the necessary cubic feet per minute rating for the work environment. Choosing the correct model will help to protect the health and safety of employees, extend the lifespan of equipment and ensure that the end product is of the highest possible quality. Contact SysTech to learn more about an industrial air cleaner that can meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design and install a system that is optimal for your workplace.

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