Joe Tippens and the Joe Tippens Protocol

The joe tippens protocol is an anti-cancer treatment that centers on the use of fenbendazole. This medication is a common anthelmintic used to treat hookworms and roundworms in dogs and is believed by some researchers to have cancer-fighting properties. When Joe Tippens was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016, he was told that his prognosis was three months to live. But he decided to fight.

He was inspired by a story about a scientist at Merck Animal Hospital who, after injecting various cancers into mice body parts, found that a compound in the company’s canine product line was batting 1.000. Taking this information to heart, Joe began taking the canine drug fenbendazole in combination with other supplements like vitamin E, CBD oil and bioavailable curcumin, and eventually developed the joe tippens protocol.

Many people have since been diagnosed with terminal diseases, including cancer, and have followed Joe’s example by self-administering fenbendazole (usually in the form of a pill called Safegaurd) along with other supplements to combat their illnesses. This unconventional method of treating cancer has attracted skepticism, but Mr. Tippens’ success with the joe tippens protocol has shown that it is worth considering for those who are open to trying new approaches. joe tippens protocol

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