Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol

Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol

The use of fenbendazole for advanced pancreatic cancer is gaining rapid interest after the success stories of a man whose cancer was cured by this dog dewormer. The man’s name is Joe Tippens, and he credits his survival to a treatment that combines the drug with CBD oil and curcumin supplements. He adds that he has since seen around 40 otherwise hopeless cancer patients successfully cure themselves using his regimen.

Tippens, a businessman from Oklahoma, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016. The disease later spread to his neck, right lung, stomach, liver, bladder, and tail bone, and he was told that he only had three months to live. In 2017, he heard about a scientist who treated her own metastatic cancer with the canine drug, and he decided to try it. He started taking fenbendazole, along with his own ingredients like curcumin and CBD oil. He has been cancer free ever since, and he says that he has now seen four other people with pancreatic cancer successfully cure themselves with the same treatment.

A recent study found that fenbendazole, or FZ, can help stop cancer cells from multiplying and destroying normal, healthy cells. The researchers found that the drug can also stop a cancer’s progression by blocking certain pathways involved in cell division. This makes FZ an important addition to a person’s arsenal of cancer fighting weapons, including chemotherapy and radiation.

Virgo Horoscope 2022

For Virgos, the year of 2022 is the best time to get married or to start a family. You will enjoy success in your career and may make new friends. However, this is also the time to avoid unnecessary arguments and keep your relationships in check. If you are single, then you will have mixed results in your love life.

According to the astrology, you can expect to have more success in your professional life and will gain recognition for your efforts. You may also enjoy increased wealth, as you will be able to invest in your financial security. However, you will have to work harder in your personal life to improve your relationship with your partner.

Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges by adopting the joe tippens protocol for pancreatic cancer. This simple, inexpensive diet is known to help with nutrient deficiencies that can lead to the development of tumors. This diet consists of high-protein foods and lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It is also beneficial for reducing inflammation.

Moreover, it is important to take vitamin E supplements to reduce your risk of developing tumors and other chronic diseases. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals that damage healthy cells. It is a good idea to take 400-800 mg of vitamin E a day, seven days a week. This can be taken as a capsule or as a liquid supplement. It is recommended to take the supplement with a meal to help absorb it. If you are unsure about the dosage, talk to your doctor. joe tippens protocol

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