Just Released – Two New Pokemon Pikachu Promo Binders

Finally, after a 10 year wait, a new Pikachu 9 card promo card binder is coming out. On July 10, 2010 the Pokemon Center, 7-11 convenience stores and movie theaters in Japan will be releasing two new Pikachu World Collection 9 card holofoil promo binders. There will be 2 versions, a blue one and a green one. The blue version will be sold at toy stores and the green one is a Pokemon Center and 7-11 convenience store exclusive. This is the 2nd time that a 9 card Pikachu binder will be released. The last time was back in 2000 for the Sydney Olympic Games.

These two new binders will be similar in style to the Olympic binder, but with a few differences. Instead of having 9 of the classic Pikachu non holofoil promo cards like sufing Pikachu, base Pikachu, flying Pikachu, and so on, it will have 9 holofoil cards. These 9 cards will be in 9 different languages like before, but this time with Polish instead of Chinese. The languages will be English, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Polish and Portuguese. Each of the card has the words “hello” printed in their own language on the card. The two color versions of the binder are basically the same, except for the center Pikachu Japanese card. The Japanese Pikachu card in the blue binder will have a blue background and in the green binder it will have a green background.

This binder should be more popular and much better than the Sydney Olympic binder as this time the cards are holofoil cards which seem to be more popular than non holofoil cards. This binder will only be sold in Japan and will sell out very fast. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your hands on one of these beautiful Pikachu binders.

This article was written by Tony Tanaka who has been reviewing Japanese Pokemon items for over 10 years. He is an expert in the field. Looking for rare Japanese Pokemon promo cards… Pokemon Merch

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