Luxury Living in Laguna Beach: An Artist’s Paradise

Buying a house in Laguna Beach, California: a dream to many. Glitz and luxury permeate the town, sitting on cliffs by the water and full of rolling hills that back into deep canyons on the backside. An artist’s heaven, as fine art ranks as one of the town’s biggest attractions. Sunny weather year round, plenty to do, major hotspots surrounding, Laguna Beach really is the whole nine yards; here’s why buying a home in this beach town should be a top consideration.

The second oldest city in Orange County, Laguna Beach has long been an artist colony. Topographically, the town rises quickly from the shoreline into the mountains that sit behind. Thus, there is only one major route into the city, and that’s Pacific Coast Highway. Thus, securing a sort of internal privacy many residents remember not to take for granted. Daytime temperatures, on average, rain from a low 67°F in January to a nice high of 79°F in July. Well-known artist Marco Sassone described the town as a “paradise, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.” Many artists like Sassone called the town home, and although Laguna Beach has grown in number, the same artistic essence still lies within the community. Buying a house in Laguna Beach would be like securing a wardrobe; shorts and a t-shirt would suffice 95% of the time! Entertaining guests outside, playing with the kids, chances are any impulse you feel to take yourself outside won’t be dampened by what the clouds above say.

Laguna Beach certainly has its activity, activity, activity. From a world-class fine arts strip to a handful of grade-A sushi restaurants, there is always something new to partake in. Yearly, the Pageant of the Masters takes place for almost two whole months during summer, putting on a festival full of re-creations of classic and contemporary works with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts. An art exhibition also takes place, including a glass-blowing showcase. The Laguna Playhouse, the oldest continually operating theater on the West Coast, regularly puts on shows that are must-sees for any theater aficionado. The Laguna Art Museum, one of the oldest in California, showcases unique rotating exhibits as well as the largest permanent collection of California artists. Following the maritime atmosphere that harbors Laguna Beach, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a rescue and rehabilitation center offering up-close and personal interaction with marine mammals with its visitors. Aside from the handful of beach activities, like wind-surfing, paddle-boarding and jet skiing, you also have educational and in-your-face water time learning that not only is educational, assures parents their children will always be water safe in a community continually splashed by it. As if needed, here are few more quick reasons to mention by name that might convince one of buying a house here: the Sawdust Art Festival, about 100 art galleries and 18 art organizations, the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park (a nature enthusiast’s dream), and the numerous boutiques and privately owned specialty shops that line the streets.

As for education and your (potential) children, the schools in Laguna Beach are California distinguished schools, and the Laguna Beach High School offers strong college preparatory programs, with 95% of its graduates attending two-year or four-year universities. Buying a house in Laguna Beach would essentially mean you are right next door to the local school; it does not take long to get to any of the schools from many of the communities in the town.

Buying a house in Laguna Beach has its positives, but its list of negatives is harder to compile. Great weather, great communities, a thriving artist center and world-renown living, it doesn’t get much better than that. California has its hotspots, and Laguna Beach is surely high on that list.

Sawyer Hardie is a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz taking Creative Writing and Philosophy courses. Graduating soon and looking forward to a career in law, he hopes to dive into the legalities of genetic legislation and its still-forming path. He has written for three city newspapers, as well as a promoter for San Diego’s biggest radio station. Always looking for an opportunity to gain experience and form new relationships, Sawyer is always eager for a project of any sort. When not studying or playing sports, he remains active as a 12 year musician and has been in a handful of bands for over 5 years. Private Party in cartagena beaches

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