PlayStation 4 (PS4) – To Blu-Ray or Not to Blu-Ray?

Rumors are circulating around that PlayStation 4 may not have one of the key features of PlayStation 3 aka the Blu-Ray drive. Many customers and purchasers of the PS3 use the Blu-Ray, however many more gamers feel that Sony marketed the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player in a game console shell to help give the Blu-Ray popularity and out do its competitors.

Althought Blu-Ray is gaining traction and is a great thing, technology is evolving increasingly quick. By the time the PS4 is ready for launch we may not even need disks anymore, and everything could possibly be by download or via internet only. There have been talks that the PS4 could be purely internet related and have all games online… what are your thoughts on this?

After thinking about why I buy a game console and how I already own multiple DVD players (plus thinking after reading a few articles on this topic), I don’t feel the Blu-Ray missing will have a huge impact on the average gamer. Yeah it’s great to be able to watch movies on it, but why would I go out of my way to buy a Blu-Ray of something I already have on DVD or on my computer that I can easily turn into a DVD format? I wouldn’t…. and that is why I don’t think it is something that will make or break the PS4.

Less than half of Americans even know what a Blu-Ray is, but over half know what a DVD is… as you can see Blu-Ray still has plenty of maturing to do in order to be the main selling point. This is another reason why we do not feel it will be a make or break feature. As an article at Cnet brings to attention to, DVD at this stage in the game are much more portable, you can take it from your house, to work, to your car, over to a friends house, and generally all of these places will have DVD players. With Blu-Ray you do not have that capability yet as most average Americans still do not even know what Blu-Ray is. Therefore Sony has some huge marketing to do in order to keep the Blu-Ray expanding in popularity. PS4 games

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