Ruqyah Sheets

Ruqyah sheets are printed with verses and Islamic supplications to protect against Satan, satanic whispers, evil eye, sihr / possession and black magic spells. When recited over a person they ward off negative energies, bring in healing and sanity, lighten the darkness and remove blocks that may be causing suffering. Ruqyah is also a powerful tool for dawah as it shows the strength of Tawhid over shirk.

In order for ruqyah to be effective, the individual must have firm tawheed and be consistent in daily prayers and adhkars, avoiding sinful activities, and observing ritual purity. The Prophet Sallalahu Alayhi WaSallam said that if a person does these things then the satanic whispers, evil eyes and sihr will not harm them – In sha Allah.

Ruqyah is done through recitation of the Quran and authentic supplications narrated on the authority of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) – in particular soorat al-kursi, soorat al-Falaq and soorat an-Naas. It should only be performed by a righteous Muslim and never by a conjurer or magician.

To use this ruqyah plan, place one of the ta’weez in a bowl of water and recite surah Fatiha, soorat al-Falaq, soorat an-Nas and supplications. Then pour this ruqyah water over your body for twelve days continuously – using it for bathing and spraying around the house. After 12 days bury the ta’weez and any residue and ashes in clean earth. The ta’weez can also be held in the hand, recited over and held for protection when travelling.

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