Stitch Plush From Lilo and Stitch

Our soft space invader beams down to mini bean bag size for wave after wave of hugs. This devious but adorable blue fugitive from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch is a wonderful addition to any ‘Ohana.

Kids Preferred presents this official licensed Disney Stitch plush that’s sure to bring joy and happiness into any ‘Ohana. It’s the perfect companion for snuggle time, on long road trips & airplane rides and makes an excellent birthday gift or a special treat for kids of any age.

Stitch has a resemblance to a dog and shares many of the same qualities, including his love for digging. But he is also a koala, as evidenced by his cute ears, fuzzy body and the fact that he can climb walls and has a keen sense of hearing.

This stitch is used to secure the applique fabric pieces, like eyes and pupils. It’s also ideal for creating facial features, such as a smile or eyebrows if you’d like them to be thicker. This double-wrap french knot creates a prominent raised dot and is commonly used as the center of eyes.

This Stitch plush is a great addition to my collection and has become my daughter’s favorite toy. It is very well made and extremely soft. She carries it around everywhere she goes and I know that it will be hers for a long time. This is definitely worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone. Stitch plush

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