The Joe Tippens Protocol Against Cancer

Fenbendazole is an inexpensive anti-worm medication commonly used in dogs, cats and rabbits to treat parasites including roundworms (including Giardia), hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms such as Dipylidium caninum (common dog tapeworm). It is also available without prescription for use in sheep, cattle, horses, rodents, freshwater shrimp tanks and reptiles. It is sold under the brand names Pancur, Safe-Guard and Panacur C. Increasingly, it is being used to fight cancer in humans, as part of the Joe Tippens Protocol.

Joe Tippens, a long-time animal rights activist, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his neck, right lung, stomach, liver, bladder and tail bone in late 2016. After hearing about the story of a scientist from Merk Animal Hospital who had cured her own cancer using fenbendazole, which she took as an over-the-counter veterinary product, Joe decided to try it. He was cured in six weeks, with a clean scan.

He started a blog to share his experience and has since become a recognized voice for the human body’s ability to heal itself. He developed his own protocol, which includes fenbendazole, full-spectrum CBD oil and Vitamin E.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, these natural ingredients are virtually non-toxic and have no side effects. They have also been shown to have many other health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving cellular respiration and lowering blood pressure.

CBD oil, taken 25 mg sublingually seven days a week, works by binding to the receptors in the brain that inhibit cancer cell growth and division. It can also help with anxiety and depression. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which reduces free radicals that can damage cells.

Curcumin, another key ingredient, has always been part of Joe’s protocol. But until recently, the most bioavailable curcumin products were difficult to absorb. So, Joe spent much of 2021 collaborating with scientists and M.D’s in the nutraceutical space to develop processes that dramatically improve nutrient delivery into the bloodstream at previously unheard-of levels. As a result, the new curcumin he now uses in his protocol is light years ahead of anything that’s been available before. It is available from Ultra Botanica in their Onco-Adjunct line. joe tippens protocol

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