What Is a Relocation Fee?

A relocation fee is a sum of money paid by an employer to cover the expenses

incurred by an employee relocating for a new job. This includes the cost of moving

and storing furnishings and household goods, fees associated with selling an old

home, house-hunting costs and travel expenses for the employee and their family to

their new home. Other expenses can also be covered, such as child care services

and foreign language classes, but the exact scope of a relocation package will vary

by company.

During the interview process, it is important for potential candidates to ask about a

company’s relocation package policy. Companies that are willing to pay for

relocation expenses can make the difference between an employee accepting a

position and declining it.

It is also a good idea to compare relocation packages from different companies

before negotiating a contract with one. This research will allow the candidate to

have a better understanding of what is possible and will help them set realistic

expectations. It may also be helpful to look at industry competitors’ relocation

packages in order to identify any areas of coverage that are missing from their own

and to raise these issues during the negotiation process.

The cost of a relocation package will vary greatly depending on the nature of the

move and the employee’s situation. For example, if a family needs to sell their

current home in order to relocate, the costs associated with that can be much higher

than simply buying a new home. This can be a major source of stress and anxiety for

a family and should be taken into consideration when calculating relocation


Most standard relocation packages will include a sum of money to cover the cost of

moving and storing furnishings and personal belongings during the move. This will

usually be in the form of a lump sum that will be paid after submitting appropriate

expense reports. Some companies will also opt to use a third-party service provider

that will coordinate all of the necessary services for relocating employees. This can

be an excellent way to save time and ensure that the employee is receiving the best

possible services at a reasonable price.

Many relocation packages will also cover the cost of temporary housing in the form

of either hotel accommodations or rental homes. This is a good way for relocating

employees to get to know their new city and find a permanent place to live.

Additionally, some packages will also include the cost of transportation to and from

the temporary housing as well as any lease break fees that are associated with early

termination of a home or apartment rental agreement. umzugsvergilch

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