What Makes a Good Pair of Men’s Socks

From a no-show sock that lurks secretively beneath the lip of your shoes to a pair that proudly straddles your upper calf, socks are a vital accessory that can make or break your outfit. Whether you’re hiking, working construction, or just rocking a casual look, the right pair of men’s socks will keep your feet cool and comfortable and help you avoid blisters.

While it’s easy to splurge on a generic bulk order of black ribbed crew socks, there are plenty of options available for every type of guy. The key is to find a pair of socks that are snug with padding, preferably in cotton or wool, and a color that matches your style.

Ankle socks are a great option because they offer support without covering too much of your leg, so they’re perfect for running or hiking in winter. You can even get a pair with built-in arch supports for better support and fit. These are also the sock style that works best with trousers.

Our socks expert, Buck Yedor, has walked the walk—from years as a Yosemite Search and Rescue volunteer to numerous marathons, hiking trips, and other intense workouts—to understand what makes a good pair of men’s socks. He tested the socks we found below on a full day hike, and they held up well against the elements.

Designed to be worn with Nike’s most popular workout gear, these socks have been engineered for comfort and performance. Featuring a thick, breathable blend of cotton and bamboo, they’re incredibly soft on your feet and absorb sweat quickly so you stay dry. They’re also abrasion resistant, so you can expect them to last. men’s bamboo socks

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