What Ruqyah Means

Ruqyah means reciting Qur’anic verses in a certain order on someone else with the intention of curing them from evil eye, magic and physical ailments. It also helps build a Muslims connection with Allah, their Iman and reaffirms their tawhidic beliefs by showing that it is Allah who provides the cure. This is why it is important for all Muslims to learn about it so that they may treat themselves or their ill family members, InshaAllah.

However, it is important for all Muslims to remember that ruqyah is not a cure-all for all illnesses and that they should always seek medical solutions first. It is also important for those who do ruqyah to know that it should be performed in a certain manner, using the proper words and numbers that have been determined by our pious predecessors. There are many people who claim to be ruqis but are not following the methods of their pious predecessors. They use loudspeakers and blowing air on multiple patients simultaneously, which were not used by our Salaf Al-Saleh (may Allah be pleased with them). This is not a proper way of performing ruqyah.

It is also important for those who perform ruqyah to understand that it is not something they should take lightly and that they must be very careful in what they do for their patients. They must follow all the precautions that have been laid down by our pious predecessors, such as performing ablution, praying two rak’ahs of prayer and asking Allah for help in what they are doing. They should also not do ruqyah on someone who is in a state of major impurity or on the graveyard or in places that are not permissible for ibadah. what ruqyah means

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