Why Choose a Bamboo Tee

bamboo tee has been getting a lot of attention lately, with its eco friendly benefits, soft texture and versatility. In short, it’s one of the best fabrics for t-shirts you can find on the market. It is incredibly soft, absorbs dye very well, is resistant to wrinkles and – when produced sustainably – has anti-bacterial properties.

Our long sleeve crew neck tee is made of a mix of 68% bamboo viscose, 27% cotton and 5% spandex. The result is a tee that’s super soft, with a good fit and feels cool on the skin. It’s also breathable, offers odour control and stays up to 2 degrees cooler than a 100% cotton tee.

When compared to cotton, bamboo is far more sustainable. It requires no chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow, making it a very clean enterprise. It uses far less water than cotton too, meaning it doesn’t deplete local resources and helps balance global warming. It can be harvested much more quickly too, and doesn’t need ploughing or replanting, which makes it a more efficient crop.

As a natural fibre, it’s also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. This helps keep your t-shirt fresh and odour-free, so you can wear it for longer, which in turn makes it more eco friendly as you’ll need to wash it less often. Bamboo fabric is also incredibly breathable and moisture-wicking, which is ideal for active wear as it pulls sweat away from your body. In addition, the thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fabric help keep you cooler in hot weather and warmer in colder conditions.

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