Hair Salon Equipment – What You Need For Your Salon

Hair salon equipment is a unique combination of furniture, tools and supplies that provide your salon with a professional aesthetic while making it easy for stylists to perform a variety of services. When choosing hair salon equipment, it’s important to consider the experience you want your clients to have and select the items that best meet those needs.

While a haircut may be the centerpiece of a visit to a hair salon, many clients also enjoy manicures and pedicures, which require their own specific supplies. Whether you choose to provide manicures and pedicures in-house or offer these as services at home, having a good selection of nail polishes, brushes and other tools is essential.

Stylists will need chairs that are comfortable for both themselves and their clients. There are various salon styling chair options available, including those with shampoo bowls integrated into them for a more streamlined look. Others separate the chair and the bowl for more flexibility in use. Consider the different features of each salon chair style to determine which one is best for your salon.

Other supplies to consider include a hair color station, which should be large enough to accommodate multiple colors and contain storage for each. A backwash unit for a salon chair is an optional addition, as it makes the process of washing and conditioning client’s hair more efficient by reducing the amount of water used.

If you’re planning to sell products at your salon, consider a stylish retail product display. This will help keep items organized and visible to customers, so they’re more likely to purchase them. A reception desk is also a must-have, as it’s where customers will check in and book their appointments. Make sure to choose a reception desk that fits your salon’s aesthetic and provides plenty of space for a POS system, appointment books and other supplies.

Lastly, all salons need a number of different utility carts or trolleys to help them stay organized and move around the salon more efficiently. These can be outfitted with utility trays for easy cleanup and storage of tools and chemical products.

Some of the most popular products sold in a salon include hair styling products, such as pomades, which are similar to hair gel but have more of a matte appearance. Another top-selling product is a salt spray, which gives hair a beachy look and often helps detangles or thickens the hair. Hair perfumes, which are usually a light mist, are also very popular. Many salons also offer a wide range of hair removal products, including waxing kits and depilatory creams. Some salons even offer hair ornaments and clips to help customers complete their new look. Équipements salon de coiffure

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